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Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome.


Financial transactions will be one of the defining issues of this century.


One thing is clear: The challenge is enormous.


Demand is soaring like never before. The growth of the economy is picking up, millions around the world are enjoying the benefits of technology and this requires an increasing number of banking services & transactions. In fact, some say that in 10 years the world will make 40% more banking transactions than it does today! Besides, new markets are mainly occurring in places where conditions are difficult, absence of main infrastructure, economic crisis and even environmental living problems. When growing demand meets tighter supplies, the result is more competition for the same services.



We commit working together, and start by asking ourselves the tough questions: How do we meet the financial sector’s needs for the under developed countries and those of industrialized nations? What is the best way to advance the banking system? How can we accelerate service efforts? Whatever actions we take, we must look not just to the coming year, but to the next 10 years. We must be prepared to deal with the most changing, aggressive and challenging environments.


That is why at Tanglewood, we believe that dynamism, know-how and technological awareness are the cornerstones of a successful service.


What we plan will determine the success story of our clients.


Our center of attention is on full-service offerings hardware solutions that cut process costs, maximize customer focus and increase profitability. We deliver across our customer’s value chain: from individual stores to head office, from POSs systems to electronic cash and self-banking management.


We evolved new strategies for retail companies and banks, and we started positioning some of our clients successfully on the market (Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon….) our extensive range of services has been consistently extended by new solutions that give our clients a quick return on investment.


The ability of Tanglewood to integrate new countries has built internal multichannel concepts. This means continued expansion of our core business.

Our target is to grow faster than the market and the competition in our long-standing lines of business – self-service products and solutions for banks and Points of Sale solutions for retailers. We offer concepts for conventional and new delivery channels based on technology innovation and in-depth industry of “know-how”.



Since our establishment, and thanks to our self-motivated team, we have been devoting ourselves to serve our clients in efficiency wherever their business takes them and to provide them with the most advanced credible and secure solution.


As a result of the quality standards set by the Management of Tanglewood, a privilege that allowed us to be introduced to Wincor Nixdorf GmbH in Germany.


Tanglewood have made a strategic partnership with Wincor Nixdorf.


Even now since our launch: we set to ourselves a standard of excellence and stressed on a high sense of responsibility towards customer satisfaction.


Besides providing IT and Banking solutions to our clients, we pay more attention on the construction of an after-sale system. Tanglewood Investments has setup an efficient, customer-oriented sales organization for customers in the banking industry.

We guarantee you can get the best service from our support team trained and certified from Wincor-Nixdorf.


We are sincerely willing to promote the market with you.


Finally, we are pleased to be making a lot of progress... but we are still not satisfied. We are convinced that Tanglewood performance has not peaked. We still have much more potential to deliver in the years to come. You can expect the best from us!



Thank you for your attention.


Samer A. RAHAM

Managing Director

Tanglewood investments limited.